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IPL Barry Allen Maines BAMM

Barry is our in house stud and the pride and joy of our grandson Hunter.  Barry is a classic yet athletic black lab who is an eager hunter and retriever.  Barry 's history is super blinged up!  His sire is Grand Master Pointing Retriever, Master Hunter Retriever, Certified Pointing Lab IPL Double Grits Tex. His dam is CPR Utah's Muddy Water Pointing Pitch who in turn is sired by QAA MH GMPR MPR CPR Gavin's Point Roughrider MH. Barry is available for stud upon approval of the female's genetics and health status.  His stud fee is $1200 or first pick of the litter if we chose. Barry is DNA certified under the  AKC frequent stud program.   

20190112_Barry_Nacho_Ziggy_Abby (341).jp
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